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Online Training: Specialty Courses

We have several speciality online courses including:

  • Consumer Commodities
  • Automotive products
  • Air repair station products
  • Excepted Quantities
  • Lithium Batteries
  • Fire Extinguishers
  • HazMat Driver Training
  • FAA 121/135 Certificated Air Carrier Training
  • Infectious Category A & B (Diagnostic) plus Dry Ice
  • Biological Substance Category B (incl 5.5 lbs dry ice or less)
  • Magnetized Material by Air
  • Refrigerants Only (Dry Ice and Liquid Nitrogen)
  • Health Decisions Study (Class 3 Excepted Qty)

We can also provide customized online programs such as Lithium Batteries, Diagnostic Specimen Training and Radioactive Training.

Choose from over 50 online courses.

For more information on a customized course please call Jim Powell at (800) 949-4834 for details or e-mail jim@dgtraining.com.


Free Support!

Have a hazmat question? Give us a call, we're glad to help.

Phone (800) 949-4834 or fax your Dangerous Goods Declaration to (800) 527-5121 and we will review it for you.

Email: support@dgtraining.com

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Air Courses Ocean DG DOT Courses Security Specialty (6.2, Class 7, Cons. Commodity)

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