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Online Training: Lithium Battery Courses

We have several Lithium Battery online courses to choose from (scroll down on the courses page to see them listed alphabetically):

  • Lithium Batteries by Air
  • Lithium Batteries by Ground
  • Lithium Batteries by Ocean
  • Lithium Batteries by Air and Ground
  • Lithium Batteries by Air and Ocean
  • Lithium Batteries by Ground and Ocean
  • Lithium Batteries All Modes

All courses include the General Awareness, Safety and Security “Core” course which is mandatory for all training, and the modular Function Specific Units. Courses come complete with a workbook with shipping diagrams and flow charts. A copy of the regulations is not needed for training (but would be a good idea for day to day compliance). 

Additionally, to assist our students in navigating these myriad of changes, TDG is releasing The Lithium Battery Wizard. The Lithium Battery Wizard is an online subscription service that sells for $95 a year per user. The Wizard will completely guide anyone (shipper, forwarder and carrier) through the entire process of lithium battery marking, labeling and documentation with 6 clicks of the mouse, or less.  It doesn’t take the place of training but is a good tool and supplement for someone who’s already been trained. 

For more information visit www.dgtraining.com/wizard.

PHMSA extends new lithium battery rule compliance until August 7, 2015

PHMSA is extending the mandatory compliance date of a final rule for lithium battery transportation published on August 6, 2014 under Docket No. HM-224F from February 6, 2015 until August 7, 2015. This revision is made in response to formal comments received from multiple stakeholders outlining challenges faced by the regulated community in fully implementing the provisions of the final rule in conformance with the February 6, 2015 mandatory compliance date. The original compliance date of February 6, 2015 remains in place for offering, accepting, and transporting by aircraft.

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