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ICAO Considers Total Ban on Lithium Metal Batteries

New Orleans, 10/22/2013

At the Dangerous Goods Advisory Council’s annual conference in New Orleans we learned that a paper is being introduced in November at the ICAO working group meeting in Montréal that, if adopted, could result in a complete airline ban on primary lithium metal batteries aboard any type of aircraft as cargo.

This has potentially huge implications in the supply chain. The Secretariat of ICAO (Dr. Katherine Rooney) indicates, in the working paper, that she does not feel that there are adequate precautionary measures that would render lithium metal batteries safe during air transportation. There are a myriad applications that require the use of lithium metal batteries because of their high power density and extremely long shelf life.

The U.S. DOT requires training of all hazardous materials employees by the employer. Companies shipping lithium batteries need to ensure that their hazmat employees have knowledge of hazardous materials and can perform assigned hazmat job functions properly.

We have included a copy of the document from the ICAO Secretariat (pdf). We will update this information as it becomes available.


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Free Hazmat Tech Support Copies of Regulations Packing Companies Government Agencies Conferences

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