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Understanding Your Hazmat Liability

This is a comprehensive (125 pages!) guide to understanding what hazmat is and how they are regulated.

"Understanding your Hazmat Liability" will focus on these key issues:

bullet indigoMost companies receiving hazmat fines didn't realize they were shipping a regulated product.
How purchasing managers can protect their company and increase safety
bullet indigoHow importers are liable for their foreign suppliers on inbound shipments
bullet indigoAre you at risk for a penalty? Which regulations apply to your company?
bullet indigoWhat changes in the regulations have taken place since September 11th?
bullet indigoWhat is the future of hazmat regulations in an era of terrorism
bullet indigoAre managers and supervisors personally liable for hazmat violations?
bullet indigoWhat common products are considered hazardous?
bullet indigoWho in your company is required to be trained? How much training?
bullet indigoWhat to do if you are inspected by the DOT? How can you get your penalty reduced?

This is a copy of our PowerPoint presentation that we present annual for various Air Cargo Associations. Click here to download the full frame presentation (1 slide per page).


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Free Hazmat Tech Support Copies of Regulations Packing Companies Government Agencies Conferences

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