Custom Training

Save time and money with dangerous goods training tailored to the specific products and requirements of your organization.
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How it Works

Information Gathering

Our training team will reach out to you for information on your industry, mode of transport, and the specific hazardous materials products you are shipping.

Customize Materials

We design training materials based on the relevant sections of the regulations that pertain to shipping your products by the various modes of transport.

Training Delivery

After your materials have been created, we deliver the training to your employees on-site or through an online webinar. The average training session is around 6 hours.

Frequently Asked Questions

When does it make the most sense to have custom training?

A basic guideline, but not always, is if a company has a group of 6 or more employees who meet the legal definition of a “hazmat employee”, and has a specific set of hazardous materials products, this is a good candidate for a customized training class.

Is custom training more expensive than online training?

Many times the customized training ends up costing about the same or less than online training. The real benefit is in the time saved with the training focused on a company's specific products.

How long does it take to develop the customized training materials?

Once all of the pertinent product information has been gathered (UN#s, modes of transport, quantities per package) we can create the customized materials in about a week.

How long will the training take?

A typical multi-modal custom training for one to four products is approximately 4-6 hours. Additional products would be more time. The benefit of the customized training is that it will save you time since we are only focusing on your particular products.

Which is better, onsite or webinar training?

It’s really up to you. A webinar is ideal when you would like to train employees from multiple geographic locations. The benefit of an online webinar is that students can be located anywhere in the country (or around the world). When an instructor comes onsite to your facility he is able to physically review your shipping procedures and packaging and make recommendations. We can travel for onsite training anywhere in the world. We have trained companies throughout the US, Europe, in Hong Kong and even in Saudi Arabia.

What information will you need to develop the training program?

We typically request the technical information on the hazmat products (SDS, UN#s, packaging information, photos of the product), industry information, the modes of transport, and number of employees that will be trained.