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Definitions of Packages

Last Updated On April 05, 2019

Here is a short lesson in packaging vocabulary:

  1. “Limited Quantity” (LTD QTY) shipments MUST be shipped in “combination packagings” such as shown below.
  2. A “package” is “the complete product of the packing operation consisting of the packaging and the contents – ready for transport.”  Packages are the basic unit of hazmat transport.  Based on the hazardous material being shipped, packing group (PG) and mode of transport, packages have net quantity limits for each of the inner packagings (receptacles), and air shipments also have a total (aggregate) net quantity limit per package. Furthermore, for all modes, Limited Quantity packages have a 30 kg (66 lb.) gross weight limit.   These limits are found in the Dangerous Goods list and packing instructions for the material being offered for shipment.
  3. An “overpack” is also shown below with the definition.  It is important to note that all “packages” must be properly prepared, marked and labeled before they are placed in an overpack.  An overpack is simply and enclosure (larger box, pallet with shrink wrap, bands or straps, wooden crate, etc.) to contain packages for convenience in handling.  It has no size or weight limits and does not have to pass any tests.