How do I mark and label an overpack?

To summarize marking and labeling requirements for overpacks, the following apply:

  • All packages within an Overpack must be properly marked and labeled without exception.
  • Labels representative of all dangerous goods required on packages within an Overpack must be clearly visible or else be reproduced on the outside of the Overpack. When reproducing these labels, only one hazard label is required for each class or division contained within the overpack.
  • An Overpack containing liquid dangerous goods in single or combination packagings must be labelled/marked with the “Package Orientation Label/Mark” with arrows pointing in the correct direction.
  • Overpacks must be marked with the word “OVERPACK” unless all the markings and labels on interior packages are visible from the outside of the overpack.  Labels printed with the word “OVERPACK” may be used, or marking the word “OVERPACK” with an indelible marker pen is equally acceptable.  The Overpack marking itself must be at least 12 mm high.
  • When UN specification packages are placed within an overpack, marking of the word “OVERPACK” is also an indication that the shipper has verified that such packages have been inspected, are in proper condition and are authorized for the material/quantity they contain.
  • When packages containing dangerous goods in limited quantities are placed within an Overpack, the outside of the Overpack must also be marked with the “Limited Quantity Mark.”
  • When a consignment consists of more than one Overpack, each Overpack must show an identification mark (which may be in any alpha-numeric format) and the total quantity of dangerous goods, as indicated on the Shipper’s Declaration.