IATA Training Categories- Table 1.5.A

The IATA Dangerous Goods Regulations (DGR) contain training recommendations in Table 1.5.A.  These are industry guidelines for training in various dangerous goods knowledge categories which are associated with recognized job descriptions in the air freight transportation industry.  The so-called “CAT Training” relates to various job “categories” ranging from shippers (CAT-1) to freight forwarders (CAT-3) to airline employees (CAT-6 through 11) and others. 

In the US, dangerous goods/hazardous material training requirements and other regulations are stipulated by the DOT in 49 CFR (the “Code of Federal Regulations, Title 49”), which requires that shippers, carriers and others be trained in four categories including: (1) General Awareness; (2) Function Specific; (3) Safety; and (4) Security Awareness.  The only comparison you can make between IATA, Table 1.5.A, and the US training requirements is that Table 1.5.A contains many of the “Function Specific” topics as they relate to various industry job descriptions.  In any case, since IATA is a non-governmental trade association, hazmat employees in the US must follow the DOT’s regulations for hazmat training and certification found in 49 CFR, Subpart H, 172.700 – 172.

TDG offers numerous training programs that meet both US DOT and IATA training requirements.