Lithium Battery Handling Mark (Label) No Longer Requires Informational Telephone Number

By: Terry Poland
TDG Principal Training Instructor

While regulatory requirements for dangerous goods seem to always increase in complexity and scope, occasionally compliance standards can actually be reduced.  Such is the case in 2023 for small (excepted) lithium batteries (LB).

As most lithium battery shippers are aware, it is a general requirement for small (excepted) lithium ion batteries with a power rating of not more than 100 Wh, and lithium metal batteries of not more than 2 grams lithium content, to only require the lithium battery handling mark (label) to be displayed on packages.  Along with the UN number for the battery types (such as UN3480 or UN3090), since its inception the LB mark has also required the inclusion of an “informational” telephone number.

However, as of 2023, the requirements for the LB mark no longer require the informational telephone number – hence a relaxation in the compliance standards.  Of course, some flexibility has been included with the change in the form of a transitional period where the number can continue to be shown until the end of 2026 to allow for label inventories to be depleted (so you don’t have to discard any perfectly good labels).

Here is an excerpt from IATA 64th Edition illustrating the change:

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