A/V Equipment Supplier

Supported response to FAA penalty action for shipping “excepted” lithium ion batteries (including Lithium Iron Phosphate) and provided ongoing training.

International Retail Chain

Large International Retail Chain (8+ Billion Annual Revenues) Penalty mitigation and compliance audit of large (1,000,000 sq foot DC operation) distribution center shipping operations.

Air-Gun Misfires

Industry: Air-Gun Manufacture We got involved because this company’s competitors were shipping products illegally using an incorrect hazard classification to make shipping easier. We advised them on proper shipping procedures …

Sports Catalog Gets Flagged

Large Sporting Goods Catalog Retailer We were originally brought in on a penalty case. In the process, however, we performed a comprehensive Dangerous Goods compliance audit of their distribution operation …

Oil By Air

Essential Oils Company manufacturing thousands of flavors and fragrances Received $80,000 proposed penalty for 1.5 oz bottle of Tea Tree oil that was unexpectedly expedited and shipped undeclared by air …