International Logistics

Hong Kong based international logistics company Set up training for hundreds of worldwide locations for IMDG Ocean Shipping compliance.

Pharmaceutical Manufacturing

Support in Mexico and Latin America for large pharmaceutical manufacturer conducting clinical trials Created custom online training program for their field personnel shipping UN3373 Biological Substances, Category B.

Clinical Trials

Clinical Trials company in Germany Set up training program for hundreds of field personnel shipping Biological and Infectious Substances in support of medical research around the world.

Military Operations

Support for Military Support operations in Afghanistan, Kuwait and Iraq Trained military contract personnel throughout the region using our online IATA training programs.

Oilfield Services Company

Needed customized online program for shipping fuel samples. Trained hundreds of oil-rig and other employees positioned around the world.

Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Provided on-site training for the startup of laboratory services operations at the King Abdullah University of Science and Technology outside Jeddah.

A/V Equipment Supplier

Supported response to FAA penalty action for shipping “excepted” lithium ion batteries (including Lithium Iron Phosphate) and provided ongoing training.

Cosmetics Distributor

Client: Top National Cosmetics and Personal Care Products Distributor This company manufactures tens of thousands of generic products for thousands of retail outlets nationwide and overseas. We have not only …