Webinar Rewind


Webinar Rewind set-up fee is $195.  Student training and certification is $195 per student.

Set-up fee counts as 1 student then add in additional for each student certification.  For example, if you have 3 students who want to use the Webinar Rewind for training and certification you would add a total of four (4) to the cart.

  • Review the training with your staff: For an additional $195 set-up fee, you can have unlimited access to replay the complete webinar recording for two (2) years from the live training date.
  • Certify new and existing staff: Webinar Rewind provides additional flexibility so that new or existing staff that were unable to attend the original webinar, can receive training and certification for $195 per student valid for one (1) year from the live training date (plus the one time set-up fee).
Training multiple students? Call for discounted pricing: (800)-949-4834