About Us

About Us

Transportation Development Group (TDG) is a Arizona based company specializing in dangerous goods training and consulting for shippers, forwarders and carriers worldwide.

Company Origins

TDG was founded in 1992 by company CEO Jim Powell. After spending over 15 years in logistics management for some of the world's largest cargo airlines and freight forwarders, Jim embarked on a mission to provide companies with more effective training and a clearer picture of a complex industry.

Over the past 30 years, TDG has grown to become an industry authority in the dangerous goods field. We continue to lead the way in using innovative online platforms to offer training and consulting services to companies in North America, Europe, The Middle East and Pacific Rim.

What We Do

Informed by over 50 years of cumulative experience and a business-oriented philosophy, we develop dangerous goods training programs and logistical strategies for companies. Our training and consulting services are available both onsite and online through our web-based learning platform.

Who We Serve

TDG’s clients make up a wide range of businesses and government organizations including Fortune 100 Manufacturers and Distributors, Universities, Hospitals, Airlines, Freight Forwarders and Law Enforcement Agencies.

TDG also handles penalty mitigation work in helping to reduce fines for clients facing US DOT penalties and has worked with clients and major international law firms on penalty cases in the U.S. and abroad.
Clientele Perspective
It’s not just about the depth of experience of the instructor, but the breadth of experience as well. The background of all our instructors, is not just in Dangerous Goods. We think — as our customers do — and this is a benefit in delivering a more well-rounded training program to our customers. It’s one thing to follow the regulations to the letter, it’s another to be able to do so in the most efficient, economical, and practicable manner possible. Not only do we have over 50 stock online training programs for Air, Ground and Ocean and commodity specific Dangerous Goods shipping, but we have the ability and flexibility to rapidly develop custom training specifically for your company based on your company’s products and deliver it either onsite at your location or via an online webinar.
As the owner of the company for over 30 years, I’d say that the most common advantage I hear from our customers has to do with our practical experience. TDG’s staff are not just regulatory compliance experts but are experienced logisticians.
Jim Powell, President