Dangerous Goods Consultants

Equipped with decades of experience in dangerous goods regulations and logistics, TDG’s team of dangerous goods consultants provides services to organizations across the globe.

DG Logistics

Simplified compliance solutions for dangerous goods supply chains.
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Compliance Auditing

Discover and correct compliance breaches in your organization.
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Penalty Mitigation

Facing a hazmat penalty investigation? Our experts can help now.
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Our Team

TDG’s founder, Jim Powell, worked as an executive for some of the largest logistics providers in the world. Our principal instructor and dangerous goods consultant, Terry Poland, has extensive experience running airline and freight forwarder operations as well as several independent businesses engaged in logistics management.

Our Approach

It’s not just about the depth of experience of our dangerous goods consultants and instructors—it’s about their breadth of experience as well. The background of all our instructors, is not just in Dangerous Goods. We think — as our customers do — a benefit in delivering a more well-rounded training program to our customers. It’s one thing to follow the regulations to the letter, it’s another to be able to do so in the most efficient, economical, and practicable manner possible.