Dangerous Goods by Ocean

IMDG Dangerous Goods Training

TDG offers IMDG dangerous goods training certificates for shipper, forwarder, carrier, and individual completion. We offer full-acceptance and commodity-specific certifications for the safe handling of dangerous goods transported by ocean vessels. These training courses will give employees a thorough understanding of the guidelines for dangerous goods transportation set by the International Maritime Dangerous Goods code. TDG’s IMDG dangerous goods training will give organizations and individuals the necessary qualifications to safely and proficiently handle dangerous goods. Coming soon, we will be introducing a core module, DG Masters (TM), that can be used for all of our modal programs. It will be about a six (6) hour program.

Our IMDG dangerous goods training certificate programs are flexible. Companies handling a wide range of hazmat products will benefit from our full-acceptance certification, and businesses in a product-specific industry can give their employees a comprehensive understanding of how to ship and handle a particular hazmat commodity.


Ocean Shipper Training

Full Acceptance Certification
Available: Online Online
IMDG Full Acceptance Training is certification designed for shippers, forwarders, carriers, and individuals who will be handling a variety of dangerous goods to be shipped by ocean vessel.

Students will gain a comprehensive understanding of the IMDG Dangerous Goods Code, and be qualified to safely and effectively ship a wide-spectrum of hazardous materials.

Ocean Shipper Training

Commodity-Specific Certification
Commodity-specific IMDG training is ideal for companies that are shipping specific hazardous materials by ocean, such as lithium batteries, biological substances, or consumer retail products.

With commodity-specific training, students receive IMDG dangerous goods training focused on their specific commodity, reducing training time, increasing training efficacy, and reducing training costs.

IMDG DG Training

Ways To Train

Online Training

Our web-based dangerous goods training provides a convenient and cost-saving method to get certified. Features include convenient self-paced training for students, and tools to simplify compliance oversight for managers.
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Group Training

Private Webinars

For training five or more employees, our dangerous goods webinars offer a time and cost-saving training solution. Webinars are tailored to your company's specific hazmat products and delivered by a live instructor.
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Onsite Training

Onsite training is ideal for companies looking to provide a comprehensive training experience. Our instructors prepare training specific to your company's hazmat products, and provide an on-premise hazmat operations review.
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