Dangerous Goods Audit

During our dangerous goods audits, we’ll look at your organization’s compliance procedures through the lens of a DOT inspector or FAA inspector. TDG’s experience in penalty mitigation over the past 25 years gives us the unique perspective of understanding compliance pitfalls and the biggest weaknesses that are typical to companies shipping hazardous materials.


This type of audit provides a review of key compliance areas, such as:

  • Vendor SDS information for accuracy as it relates to the transport regulations.
  • Internal procedures to ensure proper and compliant shipping procedures are in place.
  • Shipping and quantity limitations.
  • Packaging options.
  • Destination country or carrier restrictions for your products.
  • Training materials and records to ensure compliance with 49 CFR Part 172.
  • Typical weaknesses that companies have in dealing with hazardous materials shipments.


Most dangerous goods audits take a few hours to conduct, and documenting the findings takes a day or two. A written recommendation of corrective actions will be provided upon completion of the compliance audit.