Is TDG an IATA approved training school?

Our air courses meet all the requirements for DOT/ICAO/IATA.  While our instructor and content developer is an IATA CBTA certified instructor, our company is not an IATA accredited training school.  At one time in the past, we did maintain this accreditation because of IATA’s excellent reputation, but we have chosen to move forward without it since it is not a requirement of any laws. We don’t pay membership dues to IATA (we did for over a decade ago we stopped as it simply wasn’t necessary.) IATA is an industry association with a voluntary standard, but since it doesn’t have any special recognition from a LEGAL standpoint, it’s just not necessary.

In summary, when you take our IATA (air) and DOT 49CFR (ground) courses, we cover all the information that is required by the US DOT for hazmat employees including all IATA (ICAO) relevant information.