When does the $45 fee apply?

Important Notes: 

  • Be sure to enter in the Student Name and Company Name as you would like it to appear on the Certificate.
  • The student has 3 months to complete the program and has 3 free attempts at each exam. 
  • Please note there will be a $45. administrative fee for any of the situations listed below:
    • If the student has not completed the program within 3 months and we need to extend any of the open courses for another 3 months.*
    • If the student fails an exam after 3 attempts and we need to allow the student another attempt (up to 2 paid retakes) at the exam. **
    • If we need to resend via mail a hard copy of the certificate.
    • If we need to modify the spelling of the student’s name on the certificate due to a customer error in how the name was emailed to us.
    • If you need to switch out one student for another after the initial enrollment or cancel the enrollment. If you are switching out one student for another BOTH students must be brand new students, with no history of courses being taken.
    • If you sign up the student for one program then request to change the student to a different program.
    • If you cancel the enrollment, only as long as the student never started the training.  If the student already started the training then we can not cancel the enrollment.

You can go to this link if you do need to pay the $45. fee.  Payment must be received before we can take action on the above.  https://dgtraining.com/product/extend-or-re-open-closed-module/

* Once the student comes up to 9 months from the original registration and they want to extend the program, it would be considered a “new” registration and full price of the program applies.

** A student is allowed 5 attempts (three free attempts and two paid retakes at $45 for EACH retake).  If the student fails an exam 5 times, then the student will need to re-register and pay the full price of the program.  The student can review their exams through the student portal.