Jim Powell, President, TDG, to Present at Pharma.Aero 2023 International Pharma Logistics Masterclass

The 2023 International Pharma Logistics Masterclass is currently taking place in Singapore September 4-8. Singapore’s strategic importance in the global pharmaceutical market, along with its ideal infrastructure provided by Changi Airport Group and the Port of Singapore, makes it the perfect location for this event. The academic component of the masterclass involves collaboration with international universities, particularly the University of Antwerp, renowned for research in supply chain, logistics, and pharmaceutical development. Singapore, home to one of the founding members of Pharma.Aero, will further enhance global collaboration in the field of pharma logistics.

Jim Powell, President of TDG, to Speak

On day 3 our very own Jim Powell, President of TDG, will talk about the role of the DG trainer in the pharmaceutical and logistics supply chain and help the audience understand the process by which new rules on DG transport come into being and how the future evolution of regulations can be anticipated.

For more information check out Pharma.Aero’s linkedin post.