What marks and labels are required on a Limited Quantity Shipment?

According to the various HMR’s (Hazardous Material Regulations), Dangerous Goods/Hazardous Material shipments require “Hazard Communication” in the form of various package markings and labels. 

What mark is required on a Limited Quantity package by air?

A Limited Quantity package being shipped by air must display the limited quantity mark (shown below with the letter “Y”) on the outside of the package.  

What mark is required on a Limited Quantity package by ground or ocean?

The Limited Quantity mark without the letter “Y” means the package can be shipped all modes EXCEPT by air.  Furthermore, this mark communicates that the package complies with all Limited Quantity requirements.

What is the maximum gross weight of a Limited Quantity package?

All modes of transport restrict the maximum gross weight of Limited Quantity packages to 30 kg (66 pounds).  

Are there other requirements for Limited Quantity packages by air, ground or ocean?

If the shipment is going by ground transport, the Limited Quantity mark may be the only hazard communication needed.  If you are shipping Limited Quantities by air or ocean transport, then your shipment may need additional hazard communication such as documentation, hazard class labels and/or other package markings. 

At all times, refer to the appropriate regulations to ensure compliance.

Transportation Development Group’s (TDG) Limited Quantity training programs will instruct you how to properly mark, label, package and document your Limited Quantity shipments according to the appropriate regulations.

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